Women, Manners, Morals, Laws & Sexual Harassment:

Women, Manners, Morals Laws & Sexual Harassment: We once had a better Country than we have now. One where women and especially mothers and children were respected, revered and loved in the context of obeying our traditions, the Constitution, and our parents and grandparents.

Was it a perfect Arcadia? No, by no means. But compared to the mess we have today it was heaven on earth. Women, on balance, are treated far worse today than back then. Now women are degraded in every way possible. They are denied husbands who are real men, and children who respect and love them.

No more is a mother respected much less revered. She is a thing of scorn, if anything. All the equal pay and equal opportunity is worthless if a woman is denied the very core attributes that make her a woman, which includes being supported by her husband and the whole combined society, including business and government, in having all the children she wants, when she wants them, along with the right to be a mother in the full sense of the word in a home where she is the reigning queen surrounded by her loving children that she has brought into this world and raised with her own hands.

The so-called “modern” woman is now a mere slave in men's businesses where she is used as a sort of imitation male, and a sex toy in her spare time. No wonder we have these nonstop divorces involving men who are not real men and women who are not real women. We need to begin the reestablishment of a moral and loving society based first of all on a totally reformed religion. This trouble all started with the decline and degeneration of the religious basis of of our lives and our nation. Put simply and directly, it is our houses of worship that have failed us and our Country.