Government vs Religion

This stressful relationship between Government and Religion is part of the structure of the binary Universe that God designed. And just as gravity struggles against life, and life resists gravity, the State resists the teachings and direction of the Church by trying to dominate it or destroy it. This conflict between Church and State has been the basis of society in all times, and forms the background against which all other human activities take place

All government in all times has viscerally hated all religion, some less and some more. It has always been a cat and dog, and oil and water, relationship between the two of them. Neither can rule without the other, yet neither wants anything to do with the other.

Every government looks constantly for the slightest opportunity to take over, or preferably destroy, any religion within sight. They have often done it by establishing their favorite religion, and then establishing themselves as its puppet master. None of this manipulation ever works, and governments who do wage a constant war on religion soon come to a bad end.

King Saul in the Old Testament is just one of many examples from the Bible, and the Roman Caesars are another where they tried to not only take over the Roman religion, but even declared themselves God.

In modern times, Hitler and Nazism, and Stalin and Communism both came to disastrous ends trying to do without religion in pursuing their political goals.

Presently we are faced with a veritable worldwide war on religion by practically every nation on earth, and we are seeing the fruitless results of "Killing God" all over the place. Suicides are up, murders are up, families are down, and economies are faltering.

Until some nation restores God, and reverses this process and then becomes ascendant with the help of God, things will only get worse. As long as this godless God hating ruling establishment world system continues this insane war on religion things will only get worse.

Russia is on the ascendant since they have restored religion to the center of their national life, and China is on the way to totally fail if they continue to wage war on God.

America is already in steep decline because of raising up the same secular God hating kind of establishment. And the Libertarians, while having good ideas are noteworthy for their anti religion stance, hence they will fail  miserably in what they want to do, right along with all the others who refuse to put God, and His Commandments front and center of the national civic life of the nation.


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