Conservative Believers Desperation

Conservative Believers Are Desperate to save themselves, their churches, and themselves. As a result they are wildly thrashing around trying restore their lost lives and their seemingly lost country. Among the mass of hysterical plans they have cooked up, are things like states seceding from the Union, and parts of states seceding from their mother states to form various new state where they imagine they will be safe. NOT A CHANCE!  

Some of them are even calling for a new Constitutional Convention to rewrite the Constitution to better protect them. NOT A CHANCE! The list of their crackpot ideas is almost endless. These are all the acts of a drowning man, or someone who has little or no hope. Sadly, these wild schemes are totally impractical and useless. Some of them are even experimenting with their own made up currencies, based on the Internet. Every day there is another wild idea de jour. And, of course, there are always those vultures lurking to make a buck off of these scared people. They are probably the only sane persons involved in all of this. 

Now the reason Conservative Believers are doing all  this is they would rather do anything, even die and go to hell, than face their own sins and lack of repentance for same. Number one of all these un- repented sins, is a sin that trumps all others combined. It is how they blithely murder their own children with dozens of kinds of demonic Birth Control. 

Even the Catholics, who are obsessed with criminalizing abortion, in the name of Pro-Life, paradoxically, are infatuated with the Pope's "Natural" Birth Control plan. This papal dispensation gives Catholics a loophole big enough to satisfy their lusts of the flesh and their selfish convenience, and lets them kill all of their children they want. Then there is another Catholic anti-life dodge which is called "Natural Family Planing" that kills kids just as efficiently as condoms, pills and abortions. This focus on abortion, to the exclusion of Birth Control is getting us, and the dead children nowhere. It is functioning as a diversion that is costing many more lives than abortion. While we are fighting and losing these abortion battles, we are losing the much greater war for children's lives. 

Bottom line is most of our Conservative Believer brothers and sisters fight tooth and nail to resist repenting the heinous murdering of their own babies, by the use of a wide assortment of twisted, illogical so-called reasoning that, as the Bible describes it, seems reasonable unto man, but is an abomination in the eyes of God. 

Birth Control kills dozens of times more children than abortion, and it kills the children of exactly those parents that would, on balance, make the best parents. Pro-Life, as it is being taught and touted, is not really pro-life, but rather merely anti-death, which is a big difference. The fight against abortion just amounts to a massive diversion from the real, and much greater taking of life that is done with Birth Control methods. 

Fact is, Abortion is the Democrat Heathens Birth Control of choice, while Birth Control is the Conservative Believer's Abortion method of choice. 

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