Conservative Believer Failures


We Conservative Believers have more than enough Facts and Evidence to support our viewpoints, and our Public Policy Agenda, and these are also widely known. So why are we continually on the losing side across the spectrum for the last 70 years or so?

And these facts and evidence are also well known by our own people. 

Here is a partial list of why we are still losing despite presenting the best case: 

1. We have no effective organizations worthy of the name, and the ones we do have don't work well together at all. 

2. We have no Vision or Plan of any sort to use as a road map to Victory for our cause.

3. We lack a determination and will to win, because we mistakenly believe that the merits of our superior case will win the war for us.

There are more reasons, of course, but these should be enough to get us to stop digging ourselves in deeper in the hole we are standing in, and start formulating a Vision and Plan to escape from the hole and begin rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem, like Nehemiah. He, in contrast to ourselves had a Vision and Plan for getting out of the the people were in. 

Our consistent losing is even more incredible when we note that our opponents have a much harder uphill case to argue than we do. Almost no substantial evidence lines up on their side, and yet they consistently win. How can this be? This whole incongruous mess of our consistent defeats over the last 70 years needs considerable attention. Which is exactly what FounderChurch was created to do. Won't you help us do this noble and desperately needed task. We need YOU, and any resources you can provide to help us do His will. Amen!  A Teaching of FounderChurch 

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