Copyrighting is Theft

  • Copyrighting Is Criminal Theft 

  • Copyrighting stifles and limits the dissemination of the Truth. Thus FounderChurch copyrights nothing. Copyrighting is only a fairly recently created modern, greed, "Love of Money racket that should wiped off the law books. Jesus never copyrighted anything, nor did Shakespeare. Nor should we. 
  • We believe it is wrong to copyright the truth, particularly the Bible. The truth should be freely offered, and as unrestrained as possible. Greed and Love of Money profit making by authors and/or their descendants should not be able restrain free speech this way. No one should be able to legally take ownership of any part of any language that is owned by the whole of humanity. 
  • The very term, Intellectual Property is an Oxymoron. Writing, or any other expression, is definitely NOT Property. Patents and Trademarks however are Property, because they are tangible assets benefiting society that we need to encourage, whereas the written word is NOT tangible, nor are their any benefits to society legalizing copyright thievery. Thus, it is a distortion of reality for anyone to try to take ownership of any written or spoken words, or combination of words.  
  • Profiteering by claiming ownership of any part of the truth, is theft and extortion, and absolutely not in the public interest. Therefore, Copyrighting is wrong and un-Godly, Certainly, no part of the word of God should be copyrighted. What is freely received from God should be freely given by humankind.

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